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Just a Small Boost in Fitness Cuts Men's Prostate Cancer Risk

Even small increases in a man's cardio fitness can significantly reduce his risk of developing prostate cancer, researchers report.

An annual increase in aerobic fitness of 3% or more is linked to a 35% lower risk of prostate cancer, according to a report published Jan. 30 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

“Improvements in [cardiorespiratory fitness] in adult men...

Despite Complications After Prostate Cancer Surgery, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Should Fully Recover

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin remains hospitalized while recovering from complications related to a December surgery to treat prostate cancer, the Pentagon announced Tuesday.

His doctors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,

Men Who Want to Be Dads Should Take a Break From Alcohol

Much has been made of the effects a pregnant woman's drinking could have on the health of her unborn child.

But alcohol consumption by men also increases the risk of birth defects in newborns -- and a new study shows that guys who want to avoid this will have to cut out the booze as much as three months before they try to conceive.

Semen from men who regularly consume alcohol has be...

Most Men Taking Bodybuilding Supplements Don't Know They Can Harm Fertility

Bodybuilders are largely unaware that the protein supplements they use to bulk up might harm their fertility, a new study shows.

Four out of five male gym enthusiasts (79%) said they use protein supplements as part of their fitness plan, the poll found.

But only 14% had considered how those supplements -- which contain high levels of the female hormone estrogen -- might impact their...

As Suicide Rates Climb, Older Men Are Most Vulnerable

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 15, 2023 (Healthday News) -- As U.S. suicide rates continue to rise, new government data shows older men have become the most susceptible.

In a report published Wednesday, researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found there were about 30 suicide deaths for every 100,000 men ag...

Review Links Pesticides to Lower Sperm Quality in Men

Pesticide exposure appears to be linked to lower sperm concentrations in men around the world, a new large-scale evidence review has concluded.

A review of 25 studies spanning nearly 50 years found consistent links between lower sperm concentrations and two widely used classes of insecticides, organophosphates and N-methyl carbamates, researchers said.

“This review is the most com...

U.S. Men Are Dying Much Earlier Than Women, as Death 'Gender Gap' Widens

The gap in life expectancy between American men and women is now the biggest it has been since the mid-1990s -- almost six years.

The pandemic and opioid overdoses are key factors in the gender difference in longevity, said researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

"There's been a lot of research int...

At Same PSA Levels, Black Men Still More Likely to Get Prostate Cancer Than Whites

Even with the same prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, Black men are more likely to have prostate cancer than white men, new research shows.

The findings point to the need for earlier and more frequent screening, the researchers noted.

It's already known that Black men in the United States are more likely to develop prostate cancer than their white peers. After diagnosis, they'r...

Playing Pro Football May Shorten Players' Lives, Study Finds

Playing professional football, especially if you are a lineman, may shorten your life, a new study suggests.

The University of Minnesota researchers thought that perhaps professional football players are unlike “American men in general” in ways that determine their future health.

“When we started digging into the literature on later life health outcomes for professional Americ...

Could Cellphones Be Harming Men's Sperm?

Cellphone use might be blunting a fellow's chances of becoming a father, a major new study reports.

Young men who frequently use mobile phones have lower sperm concentrations and sperm counts than guys who rarely dial on the go, Swiss researchers found using more than a decade's worth of data.

However, the data also showed that the move to improved cell technologies like 4G could ha...

A New Dad's Postpartum Depression Can Be Tough on His Kids

It's well known that mothers can suffer postpartum depression, a condition that affects not only their well-being but also their child's development.

Now, new research finds that fathers can also experience depression after the births of their babies and this doubles their children's odds of having three or more adverse childhood experiences before the age of 5.

“There's a number ...

When Health Care Access Is Equal, Race Gap in Prostate Cancer Survival Vanishes

Men of all races and ethnic groups who have prostate cancer fare equally well when access to care is identical, a new study finds.

The disparity in outcomes from prostate cancer between Black, Hispanic and white men disappears when treatment and care are the same, as it is in U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VA) hospitals. In fact, Black and Hispanic men, on average fared better than...

New Dads Might Also Need Screening for Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is commonly thought of as something new moms experience, but fathers can also suffer from these feelings when entering this phase of life.

A pilot study from the University of Illinois Chicago suggests new dads should also be screened for the condition. Addressing their health may also be an important tool for improving the maternal health crisis, given that the phys...

Job Frustrations Can Really Be a Heartbreaker for Men

A job that's demanding but less than rewarding may take a big toll on a man's heart health, a large new study suggests.

The study, of nearly 6,500 white-collar workers, found that men who habitually felt stressed on the job had up to double the risk of developing heart disease as their peers who ...

Survey Shows American Men Less Healthy Than They Believe

Most American men think they're leading a healthy lifestyle, possibly picturing themselves as a Hollywood leading man type.

But their actual health habits are those of a schlubby sidekick, a new Cleveland Clinic survey reveals.


An Expert Answers Your Questions About Prostate Cancer

It's important for men to be familiar with the warning signs of prostate cancer and get screened because it's the second-leading cause of cancer death in men, an expert says.

While there will be more than 288,000 diagnoses and nearly 35,000 deaths this year, there are also 3.5 million American men who have the disease and are still alive.

Black men have the highest death rate for ...

First-Time Dads Often Experience Dip in Relationship Satisfaction

Most fathers experience a decline in relationship satisfaction that can last for years after the baby is born, new research shows.

“A good couple relationship during the transition to parenthood is important for parents' mental health, involvement in parenting and bonding, as well as child development,” said lead author

More American Men Now Opting for Vasectomy

Vasectomies are becoming more common in the United States, with rates surging by more than one-quarter during the past decade, a recent study reveals.

The U.S. vasectomy rate increased by 26% between 2014 and 2021, according to an analysis of commercial health claims data.

“All areas in the United States except the Northeast showed increased vasectomy rates,” said senior researc...

Men, These Factors Could Lower Your Testosterone As You Age

Men's testosterone levels remain pretty steady until age 70. After that, production of the male sex hormone starts to decline, new research indicates.

This begs the question: Is testosterone loss among seniors really a function of the normal aging process? Or might it reflect other health issues that often confront men as they get older?

Both may be true, say investigators, wi...

Impotence in Younger Men Often a Sign of Diabetes

It's known that older men with type 2 diabetes have higher odds for erectile dysfunction, or ED. Now, new research suggests problems in the bedroom for younger men may signal undiagnosed prediabetes or diabetes.

Researchers found that men 40 and younger with ED have about a one-third increased risk for prediabetes or full-blown type 2 diabetes compared to men without impotence.

The ...

Scientists Decode the Y Chromosome, Key to Male Development

An international research team has achieved the first complete sequencing of the human Y chromosome, which is closely linked to male development.

This is the last of the human chromosomes to be fully sequenced, an effort that may shed light on everything from fertility to disease.

The work was led by the Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) Consortium, which is a team of researchers funded by...

Immune-Based Cancer Drugs Offer Hope Against Penile Cancers

Men who have a rare cancer of the penis may have a new treatment option, according to researchers who found promise in immunotherapy.

This new study focused on cancer that was locally advanced or had spread (metastasized).

The investigators found that immune checkpoint inhibitors offered pro...

Is Science Getting Closer to the Brain Center for Male Libido?

A single hardwired brain circuit might be responsible for male sexual drive, a new mouse study reports.

Researchers have singled out in lab mice a brain region that controls sexual interest, libido, mating behavior and pleasure, said senior researcher Dr. Nirao Shah, a professor of psychiatry and neurobiology at Stanfo...

Losing a Parent is Hard. Is It Harder for Boys?

After the death of a parent, boys may have a tougher time than girls, a new study suggests.

Young people who lose a parent before age 21 are at risk for poor mental health, lower income and unemployment in adulthood. Researchers say boys seem to be harder hit.

The study was published July 25 in the

Staying Fit Lowers a Man's Cancer Risk, Study Confirms

A man's cardio fitness might influence whether he'll develop -- or survive -- three of the most common cancers in males, a new Swedish study reports.

Higher levels of cardio fitness are associated with a significantly lower risk of developing colon and lung cancers, researchers report.

Cardio fitness also plays a role in a man's likelihood of surviving prostate, colon and lung cance...

COVID Could Harm Men's Sperm Months After Infection

Having even a mild COVID-19 infection could trigger a months-long drop in sperm, a new study finds.

Researchers found both lower sperm concentrations and fewer sperm that were able to swim when studying men an average of 100 days after COVID-19 infection, which is enough time for new sperm to be produced.

“There have been previous studies that show semen quality is affected in th...

Could Loss of the Y Chromosome Help Speed Cancers in Men?

It's common knowledge that loss is a part of male aging — loss of hair, loss of muscle tone, loss of vision or hearing.

But men growing older also start losing the very thing that makes them biological males, their Y chromosome, and that can leave them more vulnerable to cancer, a new study says.

The loss of the Y chromosome can help cancer cells evade detection by the body's immu...

Testosterone Therapy Safe for Low-T Men at Risk of Heart Trouble

Testosterone replacement therapy is safe for most men with heart problems who also have been diagnosed with a low testosterone disorder, a new clinical trial has concluded.

The trial found that testosterone replacement did not raise these patients' incidence of heart attack, stroke or heart-related death in a group of men with both heart problems and hypogonadism -- a condition in which l...

Topical Gel for Erectile Dysfunction Gets FDA Approval for Over-the-Counter Sale

Men with erectile dysfunction will now have the option of using a topical gel to treat the condition.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved over-the-counter marketing for the product, called Eroxon, as a first-of-its-kind medical product. The British pharmaceutical f...

Men's Mental Health: Warning Signs & Where to Go for Help

Men typically don't want to discuss mental health issues, much less get treatment for one.

That's a problem, given how many males struggle with mental health problems: Six million American men suffer from depression every year, while 3 million struggle with anxiety disorder, according to Mental Health Amer...

What Is Male Pattern Baldness? Can Anything Be Done?

Have you seen more hair in the shower or on the bathroom floor than usual?

Grab a mirror and take a look at your head. If it looks like you're “going bald,” you may have androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

According to the Cl...

Men: Here Are the Health Screenings You Need

Many men will put off going to the doctor unless they are really sick, but men's health screenings help catch problems before symptoms appear.

So, how can you tell if a health screening or preventive care appointment is right for you?

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the

Prostate Cancer: The Basics Every Man Needs to Know

No man wants to hear that he has prostate cancer, but if he is diagnosed he will need to learn about the disease and how it is treated.

Prostate cancer affects one in seven men. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS)...

Scientists Get Closer to a Better PSA Test

The most common screening test for prostate cancer so often returns a false positive result that it's no longer recommended for men older than 70, and it's offered as a personal choice for younger men.

But researchers think they've found a way to make the blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA) accurate enough to significantly reduce overdiagnosis and better predict dangerous cance...

Erectile Troubles in Middle Age a Bad Sign for Men's Brains

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been tied to an increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Now, research suggests that erectile woes during late middle age may also be linked to a man's chances of developing memory issues later on.

“Because subtle changes in erectile function were related to memory decline, our results suggest that neglecting this aspect of se...

Peyronie's Disease: What It Is, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Many men have likely never heard of Peyronie's disease, but they might want to brush up on this condition because it causes the penis to curve abnormally during an erection.

Peyronie's disease typically affects men over 30, and it appears to be caused by the build-up of plaque in the tunica albuginea. The tunica albuginea is the inner lining of the penis, and it helps the penis remain sti...

Prostatitis: What It Is, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

When most men think about their prostate, it's to worry about whether they have prostate cancer or not. But another condition is far more common and plenty painful.

Prostatitis involves inflammation of the prostate gland and sometimes the areas around it. Not only is prostatitis highly treatable, but it is highly prevalent among men. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, it is the ...

Men's Mental Health: Symptoms, Treatments & Where to Find Help

When it comes to mental health, men don't always seek help when they need it. But maybe they should.

June is Men's Mental Health Month, so here are the most common mental health conditions men experience, the symptoms that may differ in men vs. women and what resources are available for those seeking treatment options.


Need a Prostate Exam? Here's What to Expect

You're due for a prostate exam, but you don't know what to expect.

So, what is this exam like?

Regular check-ups are essential for maintaining your health, and a prostate exam is crucial to preventive care for men. Not only is it a screening test for early signs of prostate cancer, but it also helps detect other potential health issues.

Here, experts walk you ...

More 'Height-Challenged' Men Are Getting Leg-Lengthening Surgeries

Some short men really struggle with their lack of height, feeling that they are both literally and figuratively looked down upon by others.

That's why an increasing number of height-challenged men are turning to limb-lengthening surgery -- an expensive, potentially painful, months-long procedure that will add a few extra inches to their frame.

Limb-lengthening procedures have been a...

Extra Pounds in Youth Could Raise a Man's Odds for Fatal Prostate Cancer Decades Later

When young men pack on excess weight during their teens and 20s, they may inadvertently drive up their risk for prostate cancer later on.

The concern stems from new research that examined several decades' worth of weight fluctuations and prostate cancer rates among nearly 260,000 men in Sweden.

The men ranged in age from 17 to 60. Researchers initially observed that overall, partici...

Even Decades After Use, Anabolic Steroids Could Take Big Toll on Health

Lured by promises of bigger muscles and better performance on the field, many athletes and bodybuilders turn to anabolic steroids despite their well-known side effects, including increased risk for heart disease and mood issues.

Now, two new studies show these harms may persist after athletes stop taking the synthetic hormones.

The message is clear when it comes to the illegal ...

Overweight Boys May Be Grow Up to Be Less Fertile Men

Men who were overweight as boys may have infertility issues in adulthood, according to new research.

Researchers studying the issue of male infertility, often a mystery, looked at health data from 268 young people between 2 and 18 years of age. They had been referred to the University of Catania in Sicily for weight control.

“Although the prevalence of childhood obesity is increas...

Young Men Are Using Banned 'SARM' Supplements to Bulk Up, With Harmful Results

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is once again warning consumers to avoid muscle-building "supplements" that are anything but a safe alternative to steroids.

In an advisory sent out last week, the agency said it continues to ...

Most Men With Low-Risk Prostate Cancers Now Forgo Immediate Surgery

Over the last decade, more and more Americans with early-stage prostate cancer have put off radiation and surgery, the standard treatment options, new research indicates.

Instead, many U.S. men with low- or intermediate-risk prostate cancer have embraced “active surveillance,” in which their disease is carefully monitored for any sign of progression that might eventually require ...

Men With Testicular Cancer May Have New Treatment Option

Some patients with early testicular cancer may not need chemotherapy and radiation, researchers report.

Instead, surgery to remove lymph nodes in an area behind the abdomen lining called the retroperitoneum may be enough, according to their new study.

“We found that the majority of participants in the study were cured with surgery alone, avoiding the toxicities associated with t...

Long-Term Study Supports 'Watch and Wait' for Most Prostate Cancers

A man with prostate cancer who takes the “watch-and-wait” approach has the same long-term survival odds as those who undergo radiation therapy or surgery, according to a new large-scale study.

Patients had the same 97% survival rate after a decade and a half whether doctors treated their tumor or simply put it under observation, British researchers found.

“Survival from prosta...

Embolization Treatment Could Offer Drug-Free Relief From Enlarged Prostate

Men suffering from an enlarged prostate can receive long-term relief from a minimally invasive procedure that partially blocks blood flow to the gland, new research reports.

The procedure, called prostate artery embolization (PAE), dramatically improved urinary symptoms in patients without having any effect on erectile function, said senior researcher

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  • Men Working Heavy-Labor Jobs May Get Fertility Boost

    Men who have physically demanding jobs and regularly lift heavy objects at work also have higher sperm counts and testosterone levels.

    A new study that is part of broader effort to explore how exposure to en...

    Lifelong Bachelors Fare Worse When Heart Failure Strikes

    When heart failure strikes, being a lifelong bachelor may mean you might die sooner than women or previously married men diagnosed with the same condition, a new study suggests.

    Lifetime marital history appears to be an important predictor of survival in men with heart failure, but not women. Specifically, lifelong bachelors had significantly worse long-term survival than men who had bee...